Facebook has the second largest number of hits on the internet, with Google being number one. With more than 600 million users it is a huge source of potential customers. It must be remembered however that Facebook is a social networking site and the majority of users are there to socialise and interact with each other, so knowing that users don’t really want to be ‘sold’ goods and services when social networking, how do you use Facebook to earn money?

Unless you are using Facebook’s Wise-XY DE advertising features, using social networking to gain customers requires a different way of thinking than many other marketing methods. Think of Facebook like a giant party, if you simply wander in wearing a t-shirt advertising your product and stand there doing nothing you will probably not get lots of people coming up and interacting with you, especially when there are lots of other people standing around wearing similar t-shirts.

To use the above analogy when you go into the party you have to keep your t-shirt mostly covered, interact with others and build relationships. Have people buy you before they buy your product. ‘In your face’ (no pun intended) advertising will not work.

So how do we go about doing that?

How To Work Facebook Tip #1

Establish your own Facebook site, separate from your business, remember people are interested in you as a person, not some faceless company. Fill in your profile with educational institutions you have been to, places you have worked etc. Start adding friends, as well as personal friends Facebook will also suggest friends using the information you have provided it with. Always include a message with your friendship requests and thank people for joining up. Remember it is all about relationships.

How To Work Facebook Tip #2

Post often, even if it is just a simple status update, it keeps your photo on peoples news feeds, however make it real, simply posting quotes repeatedly gets a little annoying. Let others see into your life, particularly if the goods you are selling or the business opportunity you are offering is affecting it positively.

How To Work Facebook Tip #3

Join a group. Facebook contains pages for people with similar interests known as groups. Just type your area of interest, usually the goods you are marketing or the niche market you are going after, into the search bar at the top of your Facebook page and a list of related groups will show up. Join the groups you are interested in, they are also a great way of getting friends with similar interests.

Start your own group/fan page. There is some debate over which is more useful, a group or a page (Facebook’s name for fan page) and both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is a great deal written about how to do this and I will not go into the details here. Send out invites to friends to join your new group and encourage people in other groups you are a member of to join yours. When you are leader of your own group you have the facility to send newsletters to the members and generally have more control of promoting what you are attempting to market.

Remember if people see you as being trustworthy and reliable, and they have a positive experience by being your friend it is more likely they will become a customer. It could be something as simple as using your affiliate link to buy a recommended product to opting in to a business opportunity that you are involved with.

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