With advancement in technology, the process of treating metals has come a long way. Today’s industries require metal for various uses. One of the most effective ways for metal hardening is through induction heat treatment.

Metal parts need hardening for a variety of purposes. Metal has a tendency to cool down faster. Therefore, it is important to go in for heat treatment after taking into consideration the chemistry of the metal and how it adjusts to different temperatures. If not kept in check, there may be some soft spots left and the metal may not fully harden.

The main use of induction heat treatment is for steel alloys and other iron alloys to decrease their wear and tear and increase durability. This is because these alloys are used to make articles such as gears, springs and shafts. There are many companies that offer this treatment to suit various requirements. However, there are some pointers you need to keep in mind before you choose a service provider for your needs.

The process of induction heat treatment involves using induction for heating metal until molten. Once that is achieved, a magnetic field can be used to stir the molten metal to ensure proper mixing. Most modern companies use induction furnaces as not only are they most advanced and clean, compared to a cupola. as a cleaner method of melting metals than a reverberatory furnace or a cupola. You can melt metals such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum and more. Hardening of metals is carried out by producing localised surface hardening of an area that requires wear-resistance, while retaining the toughness of the original structure. Patterns can be controlled by choice of induction frequency, power density and interaction time.

Make sure you check the past records of the company and how long has it been established in the heat treatment industry. It aluminum melting induction furnace have a valid license and legal authorization for carrying out its activities. More importantly, the process should be safe and well supervised. Also, find out what equipment they use. It should be the latest technology machinery and of the highest quality. This is important because if the equipment is outdated, the metal hardening won’t be up to the mark.

aluminum melting induction furnace

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