“Through learning how to expand sexual joy you are reclaiming your orgasmic nature, not just in the sexual context but in all aspects of your life. inches Margot Anand

Sky Dancing Tantra teaches you how to free and expand your sexual energy so you can wake your consciousness and deepen your capacity for intimacy. Sexual energy is the עונג נשי creative life force energy of the universe and is accountable to bringing beings into form. It is one of the worthwhile forces on the planet.

In my classes, coaching sessions and couples retreats I find people start to transform very quickly as they practice using their sexual energy with an increase of awareness and love. Not long ago i had a couple say, “We received more tools to deepen our intimacy in our first 3 hour coaching session with you than in 5 sessions with the marriage consultant we saw many years ago. inches

Using the 3 Keys of Sky Dancing Tantra- oxygen, sound, and movement along with present moment awareness you can start to enhance your sexual energy. In order to fully access your sexual energy it is important to release blocked energy held by the body processes. This is done through receiving regular pelvic healing sessions. In these sessions you make use of a partner and explore the external and internal pelvic body structure. Using conscious touch, communication, and the 3 keys you release armoring by the body processes. This opens you up to new numbers of awareness and understanding and greatly enhances your sexual energy and capability to connect and stay more ecstatic in every moment.

Sky Dancing Tantra also focuses on extending your sexual energy through practicing the Multi-Orgasmic Response. There are 3 steps that support the MOR they are: the Buffering Reflex which accesses sexual energy and can be done independent of the sex act, the Ecstatic Response which is learning how to stay relaxed in high states of arousal and Riding the Trend of Enjoyment , involving moving energy, extending consciousness and blending with the Divine. This can be done through self-pleasuring and/or as a ritual with a partner. More information can be found in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

“On the trail of sexual magic, each step can be a joy, each exercise can be an adventure in ecstasy, inches says Margot Anand in her book The Art of Sexual Magic. In it she covers more specific here is how to support your partner in being multi-orgasmic with specific hands on techniques. She also describes how you can to learn Sexual Magic. You can discover how to hook up to your inner magician and create a powerful ritual that allows you to use your sexual energy for healing and symptoms for you and your beloved. It is always powerful to dedicate your practice to healing the planet as one as well.

Sky Dancing Tantra celebrates the sweetness and power one’s sexual energy to bring us pleasure, connection and to wake our Divinity. How often are you using these practices in your life? It is one thing to wait a course and another to live Tantra every day. I invite you to find ways to weave at least some of these practices into your daily life.

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