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One of the big mistakes most people make when starting sports betting is to bet on random sports and betting markets. You start earning some money on football and you feel good enough to predict the winner of a tennis set or basketball game. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be good at multiple sports. That’s why it’s good to focus on big gaming niche and make the most of it.

If you want to make extra money continuously, then find the sport you like the most and then analyze what betting market you’re good at. It could be any betting market like handicaps, match results, corners, etc.

Finding your niche is important because odds are obtained from statistics and historical data. Although they represent the likelihood of an event, some estimations might be wrong, so you can spot those errors by specializing in specific markets. For example, I specialize in ‘over/under’ goals in football — more than 90% of my bets are on that market. Thanks to that, I could maintain a long-term profitable system.

Sports betting offers a good chance to make extra money for those who become good and disciplined bettors. This means tracking your bets to find a winning strategy, sticking with a bankroll management system, and betting on markets you specialize in. When you know what you’re doing, you’re not gambling money anymore but investing money.

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