The National Examination Authorities, NECO 2021/2022 test section are at hand, coming up latest June/July. Join our Neco Expo WhatsApp Group

We deep it necessary to help our candidates
as usual to ensure that you attend the
expected height come NECO for school candidates 2021.

Item : Make A’s and B’s in NECO, receive NECO Expo 2021, NECO Runs 2021, NECO Questions and Answers 2021, NECO June/July test Runz 2021 few hours to your test.

Don’t read this if you are not ready to make
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NECO is the bedrock upon which
all the tests like jamb depends on which
means that you are meant to double your
efforts in this particular test to get deeper to other tests by coming out with flying colour.

Without passing NECO you have
not started that’s the more reason why we
mapped out this plan and bring this
surprise to you as you will not only pass but pass out with good grades. All you have to do is to do here to the instructions given here and automatically you are free from NECO test 2021.

I pity you very much when you fall in the
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So dear NECO candidate avoid opting-in to con artists usually or jokers because it is your future, be wise and remain wise.

You can view the account page to confirm one of the best result ever that’s the endless support we share with our candidates. With the help 2021 NECO RUNZ applied to jamb this year it is going to be much more better with waec nearly as good grades are guaranteed. Sign up to and relax for your future is bright with us.

Approved Subjects For 2021 NECO Expo Runs

1 English Language

  1. Maths
  2. Chemistry and biology
  3. Physics
  4. Chemical make up
  5. Literature
  6. Government
  7. Economics
  8. Commerce
  9. Civic Education (Compulsory)
  10. C. S. Nited kingdom
  11. Agric
  12. Is important
  13. Accounting


  1. Physics
  2. Chemical make up
  3. Chemistry and biology
  4. Agriculture Science
  5. Is important

Our Assistance is More Advantageous,

We will direct you towards all till the end of the test if there is any change in the system but others will not help you if there is any change. Secondly we solve it ourselves with your special and experienced teachers

How can Expolegit Team Know that
You have Paid

We receive an alert then you turn to 0814 995 8403 to us your payment detail, txt that you have paid and your name will be added into our txt data base

How to Pay, call 0814 995 8403 for Payment details

Pay the Waec Expo fee of just #6, 000 flat to
Subjects Expo (i) ALL SUBJECTS + practicals +
VIP Treat: N15, 000 (This is for those that want both Science & Martial arts styles i. e Wapmasters, Those that have candidates).

Registration has started since so the early the better.

After payment send the following to us

Your Name
Correct contact number,
Your 9 subjects or below and with a short
text “I paid for Expocv waec Answers to 0814 995 8403

And immediately we get notification from the bank, you will be Sent an automatic TXT about Some waec infos and thus you are added to our database.

Our Txt list to get your waec answers

i) 7/8/9 Subjects + Practicals: N6, 000
iii) 7/8/9 Subjects WITHOUT Practicals: N5, 000
iii) 6 Subjects + Practicals or NO Practical:
N4, 000
iv) 5 Subjects + Practicals or NO Practical:
N3, 000
v) Payment Per Subject: N700 each via bank
vi) Payment Per Practical: N500

ADVICE: Avoid been robbed by others…
Because Expocv is the best place for you
to conquer your NECO SSCE Test 2021.

If i Pay This Amount Can i Pay Any
Additional Fee

No! All you need to do is to organize to
have the subject expos in the number you ship to us

How Quickly Would This Answers

Our source hasn’t failed us but latest
3hours before the test answers and or
questions will come to you.

How Am I Sure This is not A Scam?

No! And never! The outgoing WAEC, NECO and GCE’s candidates felt our endless answers to they phone hours before test starts and they can testify how wonderful it went coupled with the result you have seen from our account page. But since the NECO SSCE now is easier a day before the test day is a rest assured time like wise

How can i Contact EXPOCV Crew

You can contact us through our various media
Contact number: 0814 995 8403

Do you Runs For WAEC and NECO GCE
Test 2021

Yes of course, we do better when you
sign up to with us because A’s, B’s and C’s are guaranteed.

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